Life, Gardening, and Growing Green


Did you know that going green in your garden can help protect the environment and therefore keep us healthy in life? Nowadays, campaigns against using plastic and other methods against nature are becoming more and more significant because harming the environment is like damaging your life. This is the reason why there’s a  need for gardeners to know how they can garden the green way.

Here are 7 ways you can go green in your garden:

Plant trees.

If you can’t plant more than one, then one would suffice. Trees are helpful in purifying the air that we and animals need. Planting them isn’t as difficult as you think it is. You can always find tutorials on the internet that will help you accomplish the task.

Use organic seeds.


Want to go green? Then plant organic seeds! It’s a simple yet efficient way to begin turning your garden into an eco-friendly one.

Use a rain barrel.

This is an effective way of conserving water. And as you know, we need clean water to survive. We wouldn’t want to keep wasting water only to regret it in the end. Using rainwater to water your plants can produce less impact on our planet while allowing you to grow a greener garden. If you don’t know how to use one, watch this YouTube video we found:


If you care about your life, then you should also start a compost pile. Taking your kitchen waste/scraps and converting them to nutrient-filled food for your soil is an excellent way of reducing waste. By doing this, you lessen the trash that goes to the landfill, and you make your plants happy.

Use water smartly.

It’s also crucial to be water-smart. You should use drip irrigation or soaker hoses as they only use 50% of what a sprinkler would use. It’s best to water early in the morning to avoid evaporation and winds. When watering, make sure you water directly on the roots. Spot watering the soil around your plants using a hose or a watering can also is a great way to save water. Remember, every drop counts.

Decrease the grass.

Non-grass lawns made of stone, plants, wildflowers, and pavers are easier to maintain. They also mean you can use less water and mow less.

Use natural pest control.

Solo-425-4-GallonIt’s best to use lures and traps to control and identify pests. Make sure you only use soaps, oils, and pesticides when necessary. Inhaling harmful chemicals may not seem like a problem at first, but it could harm your health and life in the future. If you must, then go and use a backpack sprayer to avoid spraying the wrong chemical to the wrong plants. It’s best to use products that only reduce harm to insects that are beneficial such as bees and butterflies. These insects actually help us. If you didn’t know that, then you should consult Barry the Bee from the Bee Movie.

And that’s it! Care for your life by taking care of the environment. Happy gardening!

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Why You Need Coffee in Your Life


Life is better with coffee, or should I say, a lot better with coffee. Here are the reasons why you need to welcome it more in your daily life:

Better physical health


Coffee can strengthen your heart. Two cups of coffee a day can protect your precious heart from failure. In fact, those who consumed four cups daily had an 11% reduced risk of developing heart failure when compared to those who don’t drink coffee at all.

Coffee can even help burn those unwanted fats in your body. According to research, caffeine can boost the metabolic rate by 3-11%. Caffeine breaks down body fat and gives you energy instead.

To boot, coffee can also decrease your chances of getting liver cancer. Italian researchers found that coffee can lower the risk of liver cancer by nearly 40%. That’s impressive, isn’t? Some studies even discovered that drinking three cups per day can decrease the risk by more than 50%. With coffee, you can say goodbye to primary sclerosing cholangitis or PSC, a long-term, progressive, and rare liver disease.

If you’re an alcoholic who wants to reduce your alcohol consumption, you better drink coffee too. That’s because coffee can reduce the incidence of alcoholic cirrhosis by 22%.

Furthermore, coffee can also help you steer clear of type 2 diabetes. The drink, according to the researchers at the University of California, can elevate the plasma levels of the protein sex hormone-binding globulin. It’s in charge of controlling the biological activity of the sex hormones which have a significant part in the development of the illness mentioned above. The Harvard School of Public Health also found that increasing coffee consumption can lower the risk of developing the said disease.


Enhanced Mental Health

Aside from the physical benefits it offers, you also need coffee in your life because it can both sharpen your mind and improve your mood.

Coffee is such a powerful drink that enables you to have better familiarization skills. You’ll also be more focused on the task at hand if you drank or are drinking coffee. This is why a cup of coffee is best drunk in the morning. But hey, you can also drink a cup of warm coffee in midday!

KEURIG-K155-2If you’re feeling a bit lazy or down, coffee can be your best friend since it can improve your mood. Studies reveal that coffee can help fight depression. Coffee can decrease the risk of suicide by boosting the central nervous system and spurring the production of the transmitters responsible for brightening our mood (serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline). According to research, drinking two cups of coffee every day can prevent suicide risk by 50%.

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Miter Saw Tips and Tricks


Want to make your sawing life easier? Well, you’re on the right page, partner! Know how to use your mitre saws with ease today!

Below are the tricks and tips you have to be aware of as a miter saw user.

Transport The Right Way

Saws are heavy and big, and because of this, they’re not easy to handle. Don’t worry, though; there’s a solution! You just have to carry them by the base! Miter saws don’t have handles, but that doesn’t mean you can’t transport them with ease. When you bring them via the base, it’ll put less strain on your back and also on the sides of your leg.

Stop Blocks? Why Not?!


If you’re doing repeat cuts, it’s best to screw two pieces of wood blocks to your miter saw stand to make the job easier. Let the blocks function as a stop for repetitive cutting. Just bear in mind that you ought to fix the lower block back about a half inch so that when sawdust or wood chips pile up against it, the cutting length won’t be changed by the debris.

Sacrificial Fences

If you’re sawing small parts, you can keep them from flying across the room using a sacrificial fence. You could make use of a scrap board or build a two-piece fence as a backup to the small cutoffs. Remember to keep your miter saw down at the end of every cut and to wait patiently for the blade to come to a full stop.

Mark the Danger Areas

Makita-LS1016LWith a red marker, label the fence and bed zones of the saw to remind you where you shouldn’t put your hands. Draw lines at least 7 inches from the 10-inch blades and 8 inches from the 12-inch ones.

Never Cross Your Arms

Miter saws are usually designed for right-handed users. This means you’ll have to adjust if you’re a left-handed one. Whatever you do, never cross your arms while using a miter saw. You might think that it’s okay to use your left hand to saw the material on the right and use your right hand to hold the material down, but that’s a dangerous stunt.

Check the Plate


Inspect the throat plate before every use. It should be in line with the table to reduce tear-out and hold the thin block, avoid it from swaying while cutting. If it’s too low, adjust it by taking it out from the miter saw and wedging it. You can wedge it by putting a tape on the ledge under the throat plate. Remember that most throat plates are pre-set a little below the miter saw’s table.

How to Grab Life by the Horns: Taking on a No-Excuse Approach to Living

woman travel

woman travel

Do you feel like you are not living your life to the fullest? Have you ever experienced putting off doing important things for fear of failing? Self-doubt, excuses, and the need to please others can stop you from finding happiness and fulfillment. If you want to succeed at anything, it is time to stop the excuses and start taking charge of your life. It may not be easy, but finding a way through or around obstacles is one of the most empowering experiences you can have. Here are some of the many ways to start grabbing life by the horns and live it the way you want.

Develop habits and routines that make you grow. Making positive behaviors automatic makes it easier for you to make the most of your days. Develop routines that support your goals and cultivate the self-discipline that will help you stick to them. If you have a habit of procrastinating, create a schedule that makes you prioritize the most important things. Stick to the schedule until you form the habit of working on high priority tasks first every day.

Treasure your time and spend it wisely. Your time and energy are valuable. Make sure that you do not squander them. Prioritize the most important things and do them first either in the morning or during your most productive hours. In whatever you do, make sure that you save your precious resources for things that matter most to you.

Be decisive without being overly impulsive. The more strongly you feel that you need to take immediate action, the more you should resist and think about the consequences first. Learn to differentiate decisiveness from impulsiveness. Make sure that you considered the possible outcomes before you do something that you may regret later.

Be flexible but always have a plan. You need to have a plan every single day. Create a list of what would make a good day great and set yourself up to doing them. You can put exercise, eating right, getting enough sleep, relaxing, and getting mundane as well as the more complex things done on your list. Feeling good every day regardless of how busy things may get is always a great plan.

Focus on the most important things. Focus on doing one thing at a time instead of applying yourself to everything at once. This helps ensure that you give enough of your attention and abilities to deliver your best at any endeavor before you move on to the next.