Why You Need Coffee in Your Life

Life is better with coffee, or should I say, a lot better with coffee. Here are the reasons why you need to welcome it more in your daily life:

Better physical health


Coffee can strengthen your heart. Two cups of coffee a day can protect your precious heart from failure. In fact, those who consumed four cups daily had an 11% reduced risk of developing heart failure when compared to those who don’t drink coffee at all.

Coffee can even help burn those unwanted fats in your body. According to research, caffeine can boost the metabolic rate by 3-11%. Caffeine breaks down body fat and gives you energy instead.

To boot, coffee can also decrease your chances of getting liver cancer. Italian researchers found that coffee can lower the risk of liver cancer by nearly 40%. That’s impressive, isn’t? Some studies even discovered that drinking three cups per day can decrease the risk by more than 50%. With coffee, you can say goodbye to primary sclerosing cholangitis or PSC, a long-term, progressive, and rare liver disease.

If you’re an alcoholic who wants to reduce your alcohol consumption, you better drink coffee too. That’s because coffee can reduce the incidence of alcoholic cirrhosis by 22%.

Furthermore, coffee can also help you steer clear of type 2 diabetes. The drink, according to the researchers at the University of California, can elevate the plasma levels of the protein sex hormone-binding globulin. It’s in charge of controlling the biological activity of the sex hormones which have a significant part in the development of the illness mentioned above. The Harvard School of Public Health also found that increasing coffee consumption can lower the risk of developing the said disease.


Enhanced Mental Health

Aside from the physical benefits it offers, you also need coffee in your life because it can both sharpen your mind and improve your mood.

Coffee is such a powerful drink that enables you to have better familiarization skills. You’ll also be more focused on the task at hand if you drank or are drinking coffee. This is why a cup of coffee is best drunk in the morning. But hey, you can also drink a cup of warm coffee in midday!

KEURIG-K155-2If you’re feeling a bit lazy or down, coffee can be your best friend since it can improve your mood. Studies reveal that coffee can help fight depression. Coffee can decrease the risk of suicide by boosting the central nervous system and spurring the production of the transmitters responsible for brightening our mood (serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline). According to research, drinking two cups of coffee every day can prevent suicide risk by 50%.

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